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OpenHAB with FIbaro Products

For updated version visit this link.

Using Fibaro Sensors with OpenHAB2 to display simple information using BasicUI sitemap, setting up persistence using mySQL and remote access. Hardware used (so far) -

  • Fibaro Devices

  • Fibaro (Motion) MultiSensor - FGMS-001

  • Fibaro Door/Window Sensor - FGK-101-107

  • Fibaro Wall Plug - FGWPE-101

  • Aeotec Z-Wave Stick Gen5

In the current setup, PaperUI is used to discover and add new devices while HabMin provides a better UI for configuration with a mix of text configuration files OpenHAB UI's can be accessed at http://ip-network-of-device:8080

Location of openHAB Files on Linux

  • openHAB application - /usr/share/openhab2

  • Includes addons, bin, runtime,,

  • Site configuration - /etc/openhab2

  • Includes html, icons, items, persistence, rules, scripts, services, sitemaps, sounds, things, transform

  • Log files - /var/log/openhab2

  • Includes events.log, openhab.log

  • Userdata like rrd4j databases - /var/lib/openhab2

  • Includes cache, config, etc, hueemulation, jsondb, kar, log, persistence, tmp, zwave

  • Important: zwave folder includes .xml files for each node/device

  • Service configuration - /etc/default/openhab2

More info -

For openHABian ( -

  • username:password = openhabian

  • all folders located at - openhabian@openhabianpi:/$

Important Linux Commands

// check status of openHAB

sudo systemctl status openhab2.service

// start openHAB

sudo systemctl start openhab2.service

// stop openHAB

sudo systemctl stop openhab2.service

// restart openHAB

sudo systemctl restart openhab2.service

Restart is sometimes required when .sitemap file is changed to re-sync Basic UI so it updates in realtime.

Z-Wave Binding

Install ZWave binding using PaperUI. New devices can be added using PaperUI's inbox discovery feature. If device not correctly recognised/initialized, wake up again by triple clicking the b button. Ignore older Z-Wave Binding instructions available online as they only seem appropriate for OH1, follow this for OH2.

NOTE: HabMin currently buggy for adding Z-Wave devices, so only used for configuring them at the moment

Reminder: Don't forget to wake up battery powered devices when any changes to .items file is made

HabMin, .items File and Sitemap (Adding Fibaro Devices)

HabMin used for adding and managing devices (installed using PaperUI).

Serial Controller

  • Add Serial Controller automatically discovered once Aeotec Stick plugged in.

  • Enter Port - discovered by typing $ ls /dev/tty*

  • Add Fibaro devices discovered by triple clicking B button (waking device up).

  • Device Node and Channels UID can be discovered once device is added. For Fibaro devices, following can be used in the .items file

Fibaro Motion/Multi Sensor

Add following lines to .items file -

Switch motionSensor "Motion [%s]" <motion> (mSensor) { channel="zwave:device:15b4d86c1b1:node4:alarm_motion" }

Number mSensorBattery1 "Battery [%s]" <battery> { channel="zwave:device:15b5860e0b8:node4:battery-level" }


Number motionSensor1 "Motion Node 4 [%s]" <motion> (mSensor) {channel="zwave:device:15b5860e0b8:node4:alarm_motion" }

Number mSensorBattery1 "Battery [%s]" <battery> { channel="zwave:device:15b5860e0b8:node4:battery-level" }

More info here -

alarm_motion can be set as Switch or Number to display ON/OFF or 1/0.

Note: In current binding sensor_binary is not functioning properly. As far as I can tell it gets triggered only when the device is woken up manually (by tripple clicking and b button) and stays on till next wake up time.

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor

Add following lines to .items file -

Number doorSensor1 "Door Node 5 [%s]" <window> { channel="zwave:device:15b5860e0b8:node5:sensor_door"}

Fibaro Wall Plug

Add following lines to .items file -

Switch heater "Plug Node 7 [%s]" {channel="zwave:device:15b5860e0b8:node7:switch_binary"}

Number heaterWatts "Watts [%s]" <battery>{channel="zwave:device:15b5860e0b8:node7:sensor_power"}

Number heaterKWH "KWH [%s]" <battery>{channel="zwave:device:15b5860e0b8:node7:meter_kwh"}

Note: meter_watts is not working in current binding. Instead use sensor_power.

Corresponding sitemap -

In .sitemap file add -

sitemap smarthome label="FibaroOpenHAB SmartHome" {

Frame label="Movement" {

Text item=motionSensor1 Text item=mSensorBattery1 Text item=motionSensor2 Text item=mSensorBattery2 Text item=doorSensor1 Text item=dSensorBattery1


Frame label="Heating" {

Switch item=heater Text item=heaterWatts Text item=heaterKWH



Here is a snapshot of the BasicUI setup through this sitemap (without wall plug):

Don't forget to change Basic UI sitemap name through Paper UI.

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