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Home automation and smarthomes - Benefits

“Smart-house” – a term first coined by the American Association of Housebuilders in 1984 – has always depicted something we associate with the future. We have always been fascinated by the possibilities of home automation, in which homes can function with minimum input from homeowners. Some science fiction movies have visualised our visions of Smart-home, such as Marty’s house in Back to the Future II and Tony Stark’s residence at 10880 Malibu Point.

With the advancements in computer technology, we have come closer and closer to achieving the goal of owning a truly intelligent home. It is now possible to create an environment where the house can adjust according to the daily routine of the user. In this post I am going to breakdown the various features that can be incorporated in this environment, and explain why living in a Smart-home has more practical benefits than one might imagine.

1. Live In A Safe Environment

We live in a world where security is of utmost importance in every home. By installing smart home technology, your home will be ready to respond and alert you, to any potential threats.

The Fibaro Smoke sensor is connected to the Homecenter 2 at all times, and its smoke and heat sensitivity can be adjusted depending on the location of the sensor. Upon detecting a threat, a pre-programmed scenario will start running and carry out actions that handle the specific threat. For example, in the case of a fire, the gas supply is shut off and windows are opened.

Sensors can be placed on all the doors and windows in the home; so if a window is pried open from the outside, the house will alert you and send you a live video fee

d of the location of intrusion. Your home can also ensure that all windows and doors are locked every time you leave the house.

With the wide range of smart home products available, we can develop scenarios specific to the user’s circumstances and create a completely safe and secure home environment.

2. Always Stay In Control

With smart home technology installed in your home, you can be in complete control of your home no matter where you are. You will have access to your home from your laptop, tablet and smartphone, as long as you have internet.

A video gate can forward you a live feed when someone is on the door, so you can instruct the delivery man to leave the parcel at a specified location. In addition, with connected smartlocks, you can let family members into your house remotely.

While you are on vacation, your house can periodically send you an update letting you know everything is fine; you can check in with your home and view a live video feed anytime.

3. Save On Bills And Boost Your Efficiency By Living Smarter

The most important feature of a Smart-home is not control, but automation.

The Fibaro Homecenter 2 runs scripts that are written in a programming language called Lua, so that your house can adjust to your daily routines and respond to your actions – creating a truly smart home environment.

You can wake up and get ready for work quicker by having your home automatically open your blinds, prepare your bath and even make you coffee!